Jeanine Daugherty

“I think that Michigan and Florida should have a redo primary election, and I think the states should be responsible for funding it. They have to allow the people of those states to exercise their rights as voting citizens. They should not be forfeited. Because of the lack of preparation, it seems like a set up because they changed the rules in the middle of the game.”

Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi

“I do not think Florida and Michigan should have a redo primary election. Changing the rules in the middle of the game is definitely not fair. The candidates, state Democrats, and the national party all agreed that Florida and Michigan would do their election at a later date. Florida and Michigan chose to push them up anyway. It should stand as is. Unfortunately, that will mean that when you get to the convention this summer, you’ll have to have some behind-the-closed door scenes, because neither candidate is going to get the 2025 delegates needed for this election.”

Eric Taylor

“Yes, because everyone should get a right to vote. That is why we are in America. As for cost, if they got enough money to spend in Iraq, they got enough money for voting to make sure we get the right president in.”

Griff Taylor

“Yes. It is our right as American citizens to vote. Our votes need to be allocated for the people we are voting for. The cost should be paid by whoever is responsible in this situation for not following the agreed upon rules.”

Kerensa Jackson

“Yes, I believe that they need to have they’re votes counted. Everyone in America needs to have they’re votes counted. I realize they broke the rules by having they’re primary too soon, but they need to just go ahead and have a do-over election or a caucus. The voices of the people of Florida and Michigan should be heard so that we all can have a voice in choosing our next president, or rather our Democratic nominee. As for cost, I think a caucus would be more cost-effective because then you won’t have to pay to set up the polling places and pay the election judges.”

Christel Ward

“No. They should have followed the rules whether it is the mayor or some other elected official responsible. They should have followed the rules in the fist place, and they would not now be in this predicament. Let the people who changed the rules pay.”