No doubt the political frenzy coming out of America over the last year has been Barack Obama’s possible capture of the presidency. And from my observation it hasn’t been easy for the brother. Initially, he wasn’t black enough. It’s insulting to assume that a black man earning a higher education through his intellect rather than a football or basketball scholarship isn’t by some considered “down with it.”

I couldn’t help from thinking back to a post-Civil War essay concerning some slaves who couldn’t imagine leaving the plantations-the things people think. I once met Michelle Obama at a luncheon for women and minority businesses. She is very tall and radiant, which caused me to realize how awesome Barack must be, with a helpmate such as her. The attacks on Michelle Obama eventually caused Barack to flex those back muscles people were so curious to know if he had.

But they were directed as much toward him as against her. Everyone that attacks Barack simply wants a racial powder keg to explode. And one could indeed.

While going toe-to-toe with Bill and Hillary in the Democratic Primary, suddenly Barack Obama was accused of being “too black.” How dare Barack challenge the wife of the “first black president.” Spare me.

Some black political figures, civic leaders and media personalities chose to back Hillary, which was their right. It just wasn’t representative of the people they claim to represent. Whites became frightened and offended, sighting he was unpatriotic for not christening the good ole boys’ culture of rifles in the back of the pick-up truck- something McCain will no doubt capitalize on.

With that, Democrats, independents and some moderate Republicans are strongly suggesting for Barack to add Hillary to the ticket. I agree. Otherwise, all McCain has to do is add Condoleezza Rice to his ticket, and he will siphon off the black and women vote. And there’s always the spoiler-the egotistical, pseudo-concerned Ralph Nader. But dig this: The VP doesn’t stand on anything. He or she is like Tonto or Tito Jackson. Just get the luggage, park the car and co-sign whatever the president does- enough said. End of story.

Last but not least, there was Barack Obama’s Father’s Day “message to the black man.” And Jesse Jackson’s signifying on Barack is much ado about nothing, certainly nothing in comparison to the cover of the New Yorker Magazine, whose editors tried to justify the cover showing Barack and Michelle as terrorists as mere “satire”-yeah, right!

But Barack’s message for fathers and black men to stand up and accept their responsibilities can only be embarrassing if you are guilty. And if you are, you should be. As far as equating it to Bill Cosby’s and Alvin Poussaint’s book last year on the same subject, that’s neither here nor there. I don’t believe any of it is a put down, rather a pull up-it’s all about the mindset.

If the people as a whole are comfortable with non-black ownership in our communities, massive black-on-black murders, racial profiling, sexual exploitation of our daughters, etc., then black mayors, governors or even presidents won’t matter. But then again, we could always blame all on them.