Economic bailout must benefit those in need

In the year of this Jubilee ye shall return every man unto his possession: Leviticus 25:13

This week the United States Congress was forced to vote on a $700 bailout for Wall Street. The government’s debt ceiling would be raised to $11.3 trillion with this rescue action. In other words, the bailout money will be borrowed against the future as well. It’s on credit. If congress does not act, we are told, credit will grind to a halt and our nation and world may face total economic meltdown, a financial Armageddon. The president’s emergency address to the nation added to the panic. The bailout rescue must be done now or never. Lost in the hype is a reflection on the premise of the bailout. The same people and principles that brought us to the brink of disaster must now be re-invested with money borrowed against the future, adding to the national debt. Again, to save the world economy, the powerful must give more money to the rich. In the meantime, the poor and working poor (a.k.a. middle class) lose their jobs, homes, health care, and hope for their family’s future. No one questions the premise: that we must enrich the rich with money from the poor to rescue the economy. I have to say, that is not a godly principle. God is the God of Jubilee: the way forward is bringing people out of debt. If we can spend trillions to enrich the rich, what if we used the same money to pay the debts of American families? The $700 billion Wall Street bailout price tag amounts to $2,300 for every woman, man and child. What if we up the ante and paid off everybody’s debts, house, car and school loans? That’s the jubilee principle-helping the people who need help the most. The truth is, only expansion can bring America the future surplus to payoff the national debt. When families are freed from debt, they will also be free to increase their purchasing power and expand the economy. Once everyone gets a fresh start, we would see unparalleled increase in our gross nation product (GNP). The jubilee principle starts with empowering families, not fat cats. Simply, biblical Jubilee means every 50 years every family gets a fresh start. Clearly, all the economic advisors of the federal government are lost in the recycling of failed premises and policies. The jubilee economic stimulus package draws its strength from a focus on families. When families have faith in God and the future, the nation prospers. Whatever plans are not grounded in the principles of God’s word will fail. Jubilee brings increase and expansion. It’s time for a jubilee, indeed.

Rev. Marshall E. Hatch
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Help us solve crime issues

If you feel all we do is sell drugs and gang-bang then help us out and send more police [Drugs, gang spark deadly Austin shootings, Oct. 10,]. Help us to patrol our area and stop talking about what we do because you don’t live here nor do you visit here or try to do anything about the problem. So please, before you open your mouth and say anything about the people on the West Side of Chicago, you should come visit us and see how we live. You may like it or not.

Jamey Wright
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