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Oak Park police are questioning the driver of a pick-up truck that crossed over the center line while traveling north on Austin Boulevard around 1 p.m. Friday, slamming into another vehicle stopped at a red light in the southbound lane at Jackson Boulevard.

The force of the collision pushed the southbound minivan back some 20 feet into the car behind it, deploying the air bags in both vehicles. A third car involved in the crash, an SUV idling behind the van, also saw its airbags deployed by the force of the collision. Two other vehicles at the intersection were also damaged.

There were no serious injuries, according to authorities.

An officer at the scene said the driver of the truck claimed he was distracted by a leg cramp when the accident occurred.

A female driver and male passenger in one of the vehicles caught in the chain-reaction collision walked away shortly after the accident, leading police to search for them. When they returned, police informed the man there was an arrest warrant, unrelated to the crash, for his arrest. He was placed in handcuffs and taken to the police station.