Eric Brown

“My New Year’s resolution is something I live with everyday: I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me. If I had to give one, 2009 is mine.”

Harlem Winston

“My resolutions for 2009 is to learn about and use the seven Kemetic principles in order to live a more positive life and have a more positive outlook on life. My second goal is to grow my business, Flirt Jewelry & Accessory Collections, take it to the next level, gain exposure and publicize it. “

Marilyn Kelly

“My New Year’s resolution would be to live healthier, eat healthier and be more active in my community. My goal is to be successful in whatever I endeavor to do.”

 Joshua Ray

“My primary resolution is to get better grades in school and to make people more aware of my art. My artwork consists of creating T-shirts and drawing different characters. My goal is to do more work in my school to showcase my artwork.”

 TyWanna Patrick

“My life resolution is to live in my Ma’at, which is an ancient Kemetic principle meaning balance, harmony, reciprocity, truth, [and] order, and to project that throughout my life and work. [Also], throughout my community, my family and with everyone around-to expose them to our true history and culture because we do come from greatest.”

Todd Goodman

“My goal is to have a happy year and to help my wife (Charis Goodman) with her business, which is teaching African and various cultural dancing. My goal is to launch a new career for myself.”

NOTE: Kemetic Orthodoxy is a modern, spiritually-based faith derived from the people of Kemet, or ancient Egypt.