Felicia Meadows

“I think that by Barack Obama becoming president, that was a change and that was a good thing. On the other hand, I don’t know if Blagojevich did try to sell Barack Obama’s seat, but if he did that is wrong. And if Jesse Jackson Jr. and the rest of them tried to pay money to get Barack’s seat, it was unbecoming of them too.”

Kerdia Roland

“The politics here in Chicago is very surprising and very shocking. For this to even happen after such a big event with Obama becoming president, I think it is a real bad thing and it is going to have a big effect on politics in general. Even with Obama as president there is still going to be a lot of challenges for America to get back to the way it is suppose to be. A lot of work has got to be done and it is not going to be easy. Just because Barack Obama is in the president’s seat doesn’t mean it is going to be a breeze; it is going to be really hard.”

Jackie Glass

“Well I think due to the process, the governor, because he has not been officially charged nor has he been indicted … maybe it was not the time for him to appoint Burris, but Burris does have the qualifications. He does have an impeccable record. I think that by due process he rightfully can have the position. But at the same token … here’s a governor who’s being possibly indicted, possibly impeached and right now the state of Illinois is looking at him as being unscrupulous. I don’t think he should have taken the position under these questionable times.”

Damian Davis

“I think he should be seated because he is definitely qualified, but it is rules and laws to the state. They are saying the state got one obligation and congress got another obligation, so I can’t understand that part of it. But I do think he is definitely qualified to be seated.”

Tomias Jordan

“I think he should be seated, because he is going through the right process to try to be seated and the governor is still the governor and he has not been convicted. So he has a right to appoint who he wants to be appointed. Even though they say the governor is corrupt, he is trying to pick people who are not corrupt. They are trying to make it seem like Roland Burris is just like Blagojevich because he appointed him. I think he should be seated according to our laws.” (Pictured with girlfriend Tahjinae Jenkins)

Chuck Levy

“Well, I think the appointment was very justified. As far as any Illinois citizen, he’s very qualified and overqualified because of his history in politics in Illinois. I think the governor himself is a major question because of his current problems. So, therefore, if the Senate has any issues with it, I think they should take him out and “vet” him, then allow him to become the senator through their choice. “