School closings a sell out to kids

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for close to 20 years [Tears, anger shed over school closings, March 5].

I have had two daughters graduate from Jefferson (School), and I believe that was a darn good school. A grandson wound up going to Medill (Elementary), because Jefferson closed. The next school to go was Gladstone because the university has the property.

Why have so many decent schools closed? This is way too fast, and the neighborhoods can not keep up with the constant change.

As far as the Board of Education is concerned, why do they purposely fix these schools, waste all that money, and then close the school?

Were there necessary improvements made before the building was sold out from under a community, or what? Is there an explanation-probably not?

Eileen Turner
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Doing the right thing

It is a very fortunate thing to have committed professionals like China, who really care and share [KIPP School continuing to grow, March 12].

Dreamer Rodgers
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Good news about kids

These are the type of things that need to be highlighted about our youth [An afternoon of song and dance, March 12]. Great to see.

Brian Foster
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A good story

What a wonderful article [Making and mastering music, March 5]. Thanks for sharing. Hope to visit your school very soon.

Shirley Sandifer-Mcintosh
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Right vs. wrong

I think Chris Brown should not be in jail because it was all Rihanna’s fault, and that’s why I think he should not be in jail very long [Streetbeat, March 12, Delores McCain].

Ernetta Hall
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No jail for Chris Brown

I think that he shouldn’t go to jail because Rihanna shouldn’t have been cheating on him.

Tia Cureton
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