In today’s economy, many businesses are fighting to keep their heads above water. One innovative way for businesses to keep their hands on the pulse of the people they serve is to work with other entrepreneurs.

Last Friday, The Austin African American Business Networking Association met with one of its up-and-coming members: Seven Seals Media, at its monthly business mixer.

Located at 5933 W. Madison, Seven Seals Media is a full-service, multimedia company specializing in web designs, visuals, and printing. Seven Seals is owned by Michael Pearson. The company is currently working on teaching computer technology, which will be announced soon, Pearson said.

Malcolm Crawford, executive director of the Association, explained that there is a need for business mixers such as last Friday’s, and encouraged current members to spread the word about the Association.

Each business person, he added, has an opportunity to come to the microphone and give a brief overview of their business. Business cards are exchanged and are also dropped in a large glass bowl for raffle drawings.

The Austin African American Business Networking Association has been cultivating the concept of businesses networking for several years. Each month, the organization holds an informal gathering for business owners in the Austin community to showcase what they offer.

For more information on becoming an AAABNA member call 773-626-4506 or email,

Delores McCain