Perhaps my new love for Phoenix, Arizona is based on my going green mission. Whatever it is – the beauty of the place and the quality of the food – I was captivated enough to share this story of what I experienced on my recent trip there.

Phoenix is a beautiful, warm city full of life and innovation. If you’re seeking an opportunity to vacation somewhere nice and relaxing, try Phoenix. Arizona has cornered the market early on in “green living.” The beauty and technology of the green lifestyle is an amazing testament to the ability to make the United States a green country. Vacationers will appreciate the considerate luxury of going green when they visit.

When visitors land, there is an obvious difference from the Chicago landscape. Instead of sidewalks and buildings, there is much more open space. There is turf and rocks, which I took to be scenic and necessary to the area. Also, there are cacti, short and small, lining the streets and many bushes. Some tall cacti have little holes in them that the birds fly into. Bird houses that we don’t have to make and decorate exist right there. The natural beauty of Phoenix is truly breathtaking for those of us used to bricks and mortar.

Steel plates power an electric plant visible driving down the street. This is an awesome use of the sun that boils the atmosphere. The air is dry and hot and does cause a feeling of dryness that may result in visitors using excess oils to moisturize.

Traveling along the expressway from the airport, the ‘University of Phoenix’ signs and buildings are noticeable in multiple colors, with magnificent buildings framed in palm trees. Inside the Tempe area, Arizona State University gave the feeling of a college town with many shops and restaurants lining the street. A huge yellow ‘A’ on the mountain near their stadium made me feel like I was visiting Los Angeles instead of Phoenix. Even the schools in Phoenix had a feel of natural glamour that was attractive.

Eventually, I had to settle into my hotel and stop glaring at the radically different landscape. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. When I was looking for meals outside of the area, while shopping in Tempe Marketplace I visited Kings, a seafood restaurant. The meals ranged from the casual calamari to wild sea bass. The ratatouille as a side was excellent. Others in my party sampled scallops, catfish and filet mignon. A little upscale enjoyment was a magnificent end to my first day.

Though Kings was nice, I was most impressed by Caffe Boa during the next night. Caffe Boa was an organic restaurant that uses fresh materials grown close and choice meats from the local area. I was impressed with the Mediterranean salad, the wine selection, the fresh bread and cheese, and the selection of organic green tea drinks. Meals ranged from braised rabbit to voodoo chicken pasta. Full menus can be viewed at the website at

If you are looking for something different from the environment in Chicago then try Arizona. You may decide to make your trip a permanent one.

Angelic Jones

I am a native Chicagoan with a love for my city. I was born on the South Side. I am most interested in health and living. I attended University of Phoenix for a Masters in Health Administration and a Masters...