Regina Nisby

“I don’t have a strong opinion. I just think you are innocent until proven guilty, and I wish the alderman all the best.”

Danny Davis

“I think it is unfortunate, and I certainly hope that when there is a trial that the alderman will be found not guilty. Because I hope that he is not guilty. And I also hope that he and his family will be able to weather this storm and that it will not totally alter their lives, and this won’t be the end of a sad story. Everybody knows that Ald. Carothers and I have had a long history of political disagreements for as long as I can remember. We probably, right now, enjoy the best working relationship that we ever had since we got started, even when he was a young Democrat. And so, I don’t wish bad on anybody, and the fact that I hope that he comes out right does not mean that I’ve always agreed with his politics. We probably will never always agree on many political kind of things. But I certainly wish him and his family the best.”

Roshaunda Lee

“My opinion is this: Number one, looking at all the aldermen that have been indicted, how many more are there? What is the issue here? Why do you have these issues back and forth with people taking money that they should not be taking? We understand that the city is broke; that we need this, we need that. Yet, and still, we have people who are taking money. What’s going on, really? Are they looking at these people thoroughly? Why are the aldermen staying in office so long? Give somebody else an opportunity or a chance.”

Jackee Pittman

“Oh, I say – like father, like son. I want to say; I am embarrassed more than anything. I don’t know what is going on. Maybe I need to run for alderman.”

James Pittman

“How many more politicians in the State of Illinois are crooked? They are misleading us as taxpayers too, so that is not fair to us. I think they really need to cleanup Chicago period. Pretty much the state of Illinois.”

Yogi Ward

“Well, the incident with Ald. Carothers; I really hope that he comes out OK. But I think in politics; we have to clean up a lot of things that are going on with the politicians. And I agree and disagree with some things that are going on, but it’s about time for the city to come clean. It’s time for them to have no more excuses. We have a president here now where we cannot have any excuses whatsoever. This is the way this should go. It is not left up to the politicians to make up their minds and change the things that are happening around the city of Chicago. So they should come into form and into line, and if someone gets caught with their fingers in the cookie jar then they get burned.”