Yasmin Acree’s disappearance is not forgotten

I have been covering Yasmin Acree’s missing status for many months now [Media shows bias in covering missing youth, Terry Dean, July, 17, 2008].

I use Twitter.com about her daily (@LOSTNMISSING). I designed a banner for her shortly after she went missing.

While I am Caucasian, I do agree 100 percent that the media only chooses sensational backgrounds of the victims, or exceptional “pretty” model-type faces. Young black males are the most forgotten, as well. It’s sad.

Lavanda Dolce
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

See Yasmin’s banner at www.tinyurl.com/yasminacree

Feds case against Carothers weak

Alderman Carothers has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, guilty [Ike Carothers sold us out …and he’s a snitch too, Arlene Jones, June 4].

I think the feds will have a tough sell to a jury, with a deal that was equal to less than one percent of the gross value of the property. And no money ever changed hands.

The feds’ case is weak. They just want to take another brother down.

Conrad L. Henry
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

Good recognition of a good man

I want to personally thank you for the acknowledgement of my father’s success in business and the community [On the West Side, this hardware man is King, May 28].

He and my family members have worked hard to maintain this store in a community, which sorely needs it.

The store remains a success due to their dedication to it and the customers they serve. I know, because I have been behind the scene handling all the financial and reporting matters.

I know there are many who have been loyal customers of this business over the years, and who join me in giving thanks for having a critical minority-owned business within walking distance. We thank them and the Austin Weekly News for recognizing their efforts.

Stanley P. King
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

Where’s the outrage about raising taxes?

Rep. Ford, what “ducks” are you referring to when you say President Stroger’s “duck’s are not in order?” [Streetbeat, May 28].

Would the ducks be the $500 million deficit Todd Stroger inherited when he took office? Because that $500 million deficit is gone.

This is racism 101, and a double-standard, pure and simple. The governor, you, and other members of the House and Senate are considering raising our income taxes by 50 percent.

Where is the outrage from the press about that? Come on, Rep Ford- keep it real!

Al Rider
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com

We all must work to end violence

I relocated to Texas in December of 2007 [Neighborhoods brace for summer violence, May 21]. I was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago.

Moving out of Chicago was the best thing I ever did. I don’t have to worry about my two youngest sons getting caught up in gunfire. My oldest son has returned back to Chicago and I pray daily that he will do the right thing and finish college.

I also have an older daughter. She keeps herself busy with school and work. Mr. Jackson, keep up the good work, and I pray that you can get the funds needed to help. If I can be of any help, count me in.

Patricia Grant
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com