Steve Harvey rules the roost when it comes to comedy. His morning show is tops across America. He has a strong enough following to have taken Tom Joyner’s spot on a radio station in Chicago. Harvey’s been dishing out comedy and advice for so long that he wrote a book about it: “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Harvey offers real-world advice about the meaning of manhood and answers the questions that really need answering.

Harvey begins by explaining how men think. He says that women have all these things that they want and desire for themselves, their man, and their relationship. They expect men to just follow through, but Harvey says men are just too stupid for that.

He unapologetically points out that men function from primal needs. If you want something from a man, you have to direct him in what you want. Being able to direct that man takes understanding that men are simple.

Men focus on obtaining status and wealth to complete their understanding of themselves. If they can achieve those goals, then they have a complete picture and they are able to be happy with themselves and others.

On love

Harvey says women give love, friendship, encouragement, defense, loyalty and conviction when they love, but men don’t love in that manner. According to Harvey, “Expecting that kind of love-that perfection-from a man is unrealistic” Harvey details that you can expect a man to profess, protect, and provide if he loves you.

A man will profess to others that he is with you. He will bring you around significant others like friends, family and coworkers. If he is just stating you are a friend, then he is making a proclamation just as loud to those that know him. Run, Harvey insists-you are not the one.

A man that has declared your value will show what you mean to him by providing for you. If a man is spending his money on himself and not his woman and family, then he’s not a real man, Harvey says. Providing is part of a man’s DNA-if that his not happening, then you have some other creature.

On expectations

Men have expectations for women. They don’t require much but three things- support, loyalty, and a cookie. Proving these three things will seal the deal for men.

Support is a given for women. Many women support their men through life, but start to forget to support their men as relationships continue on. Forgetting to provide key support makes men look for support and encouragement elsewhere.

Loyalty to your man is an important part of the relationship as well. If a man is supported and feels his woman stands behind him, then he will remain with her. If a man doesn’t feel these two things are there, he will start to veer away from the relationship to a woman that provides these things.

The biggest expectation may supersede support and loyalty: sex. Harvey calls this a cookie. When cookies are not available men will creep out and get some. Women can not forget to provide the treats or they will lose any good man.

Sealing the deal

Women who really want to know how to work with their man should pick up this book. Harvey not only goes over the qualities of manhood and men’s expectations but the steps to get to a relationship and the reasons men step out.

To seal a deal with a man, it is important to know how a man thinks from the moment he meets you through 20 years later. These are the rules clearly laid out. Follow them, create a plan, and master how to think like a lady, but act like a man.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer for Austin Weekly News.


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