No more guns

I just finishing talking with a very dear friend of the family. I had known here since I was a little girl. She told me that my name was in the paper from a comment I made about a month ago. I pull up the Austin Weekly to find it but this article caught my attention [Six people injured in shooting at funeral, Aug. 1]. It is time to get the guns off the streets. The respect has gotten lost. Here you have a family mourning the lost of a loved one and they can’t pay there respects in the Lord’s temple. Please, my sisters and brothers, don’t let this turn you away. God is calling for his people to come back to him no matter what the situation seem like. To this family my prayers are with you. God is greater than all of this mess going on. Be blessed and know that I love you all. Chicago is where I was born and raised. I chose to make a change, so I moved my family to another state. To God be the glory.

Patricia Grant
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Stop the killings

We cannot expect Mayor Daley to care about the senseless killings when we don’t [The carnage continues while elected officials do little, July 30]. He’s right; we do know each other as neighbors we grew up with, which makes it more appalling. We have black leaders, ministers, parents-we must do something ourselves and stop whining about the mayor not caring. There is no excusable cause whatsoever that gives a person the right to take another’s life. Yes, life is unfair, but you don’t have the right to kill because of it.

Barbara J. Blue
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The Andersons are exposing racism

I must say that I am shocked at the response that the Andersons are racist [The Andersons’ Ebony Experiment, Jan. 22]. I disagree solely. I absolutely agree with buying from your own in your community and would do the same. You will never see an African American in an Asian neighborhood running a restaurant, or a Jewish bakery in their community, or even a black-owned business on a Native American reservation. Take a good look at what you have said. Would you let an African-American step into your reservation and open a business and support it? It is fine for other races to take complete control of African-American communities, and it ends up becoming a slum or ghetto. Would you make a home in an African-American community? Would you? Racist? Are you sure that is what you want to call the Andersons? Or can it simply be said that they see what has happened to the African-American community once again-an upgraded form of slavery; control the African-American community and their community deteriorates.

Crystal D. Dickens
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