Austin residents have been awaiting the removal of the “under construction” signs at two area locations.

Many observers of the two projects – Christ the King campus and PCC Community Wellness Center – expect them to pay positive dividends to the community upon their completion.

Christ the King School, located at 5058 W. Jackson, officially broke ground in June 2008.

The property was purchased for approximately $27 million. Developers of the school will also pay an estimated $6 million toward start-up cost.

Despite weather related delays from both last winter’s consistently frigid and snowy conditions and this summer’s heavy rainfall, the school is still slated for completion in November.

“Currently, the school is three quarters of the way completed,” said Jack Macnamara, chief financial adviser of Christ the King.

“There were a few minor delays before the roof was secured on the new school, but we are very much on schedule to having our students begin their spring semester in the new building this January.”

Christ the King is a Jesuit college preparatory school sponsored by the Christo Rey Network of Schools. There are currently 165 students enrolled at the school.

Following the model of its 22 other schools, students pay part of their tuition by working jobs provided by the Christo Rey Network sponsors.

In spite of the current state of the economy, Macnamara says that through its fundraising efforts, the school has managed to raise most of the school’s construction budget.

Since the school has opened in the fall of 2008 it has shared a facility with patrons of the Circle Rock Campus, 116 N. LeClare.

“It is a bit cramped at the Circle Rock Campus right now, so it will be great once we move to the new building,” said Father Chris Devron, president of the school.

Father Devron said that the final quarter of the work will include installing the sky light, erecting the chapel walls and placing carpeting in classrooms and offices.

“After the work is completed, we still must apply for our occupancy permit through the city to assure that the building meets the fire code and safety standards,” he said.

“We will actually move into the new building in December. Our contract company, Norcon, estimates the date of completion Nov. 9.”

In October 2008, PCC Community Wellness Center began construction on the new $5.4 million Austin clinic at 5425 W. Lake St.

The 18,300-square foot Austin Family Health Care Center was originally scheduled to begin construction in July 2008 with its doors to open this fall. But due to the length of time it took for developers to secure permits to construct the facility, the opening had to be pushed back to January.

“We expect the center to be completed in December,” said Robert Urso, president and CEO of PCC. “The facility should be ready for a January 2010 opening. It took three months to obtain permits, but since that delay, we have been very much on schedule.”

Urso says that “75 percent” of the center is completed. Currently, workers are putting the finishing touches on the center’s parking lot, sewer lines and dry walling the patient care rooms.

Residents in Austin should have access to both facilities following the New Year’s holiday.