Precious S. Green

“Yes. President Obama deserves it, and those people who are opposed don’t know what they are talking about. And they should be proud for the entire United States to have a president to win this honor.”

Priscilla McCurtis

“I think he has done a marvelous job in spite of what other people might think. It takes time to make change. It was hard to accept this position because he walked into a mess. It is going to take skill and time, and he is going to need help. But we are really, really proud of him.”

Rhonda Nicholes

“I think it’s wonderful and I think he deserves it. As for negative: we have to balance a negative and a positive, and we don’t dwell on the negative. We don’t have time for that. We take the negative and build from it.”

Rev. Kenneth Robinson

“It was great, and furthermore I think it is even greater because, as I understand, it was a unanimous decision to give him the peace prize. Didn’t sound like there was a political agenda supporting it but straight from the heart of those people who voted for him; for the hope that they see and what he is doing, even this early in his administration. He’s willing to reach out his hand in bipartisanship here in this country, and he is even willing to reach across the waters to other countries to do the right thing. I think he should be applauded for that.”

Lovie McCurtis

“I think President Obama really deserves the peace prize because not only is he reaching across international borders, but he is setting an atmosphere and a tone for everybody to start coming together as one. He’s in the forefront of creating an environment [that] looks like unity. It is not about him; it’s about reaching across all nations; trying to bring peace to the world. We understand the U.S. can’t do it, so the whole world – other nations – got to get on board with this. This is what he is preaching, which is quite different from the other presidents or Nobel peace prize winners up to this point. The man won on his potential; they are trying to diminish the significance of it, which, in my opinion, is totally wrong.

Patricia M. Williams

“President Barack Obama receiving the Novel Peace Prize was an awesome accomplishment for Americans. Just Americans in general, in President Obama I see our future. He is an honest man. He is a kind man, a loving man and he deserves that award. And what an inspiration for our young people: all of our children at this church know about President Obama. We teach them about him. We never know what young person is being motivated by our president to also try for this office.”