Mary McLeod Bethune Saturday School, 4020 W. Division

Melanie Brooks, 11

“My career and goals is to be a veterinarian, social worker or a teacher. I like animals. I find them fascinating, and my favorite animals are dogs. I would like to be a social worker because I like to help people. I know a lot people in the profession and they do a good job. It’s a passion of mine because I like people.”

Takia Martin, 11

“I would like to be a teacher because I like to help my teacher help other kids in the classroom. And I would like to be a preacher because I like going to church, and I like it when they sing. My grandmother said she is going to put me in the choir. I would like to be a doctor. I got toys at home that I take care of and I like helping people, and I like helping my grandma.”

Vershawn Patterson, 13

“Being a gymnastic performer, doing things like flipping, sit-ups and working out. And I would like helping people do things that they didn’t know how to do at first, like gymnastic techniques. ”

Jocelyn Flores, 11

“Being a singer, model or a fashion designer. I like singing with the radio. My cousin told me I should be a model and try it. ”

Jesus Tena Martinez, 10

“Maybe a teacher, lawyer or a principal. Maybe I can help students with their math, science and reading; I could help students with learning different languages.”

Starie Brown, 10

“Being a pediatrician and a teacher, and also salon beautician -I like to do hair. I like to play with babies, and I like to help kids learn like me.”