For the last five years, the members of New Galilee Baptist Church have been feeding the surrounding community – or anyone who needs a meal. Members of New Galilee, under the leadership of Rev. Michael Ross, in an attempt to give meaning to the notion of “my brother’s keeper.”

Sylvia Jackson has been coordinating this event for the past five years. Thelma Ware states that her husband Carter went around to different stores in the community and got them to donate food as well as money. He would not take no for an answer, she states. “My husband believes if you have a business in the community, you should be happy to give back to the community.”

On Saturday, Nov. 14, at 431 N. Laramie, the line of people waiting outside extended down the block. There was cross-section of people waiting to be feed, black, white and Hispanic. Some people came with their children and many took small bags of food home with them. Members of New Galilee also distributed clothing to those who needed it.

Associate Pastor Barry Smith was in charge of keeping everything orderly. As people entered, he would greet them with a smile and direct them to the line. His wife, Erma Smith, helped with the serving along with Thelma Ware who is also an active member of the Westside Branch of NAACP.

-Delores McCain