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Leronza Moore

“Certainly, dealing with the situation with Tiger Woods and him being an icon; As a black person we should be careful how we do things – what you do in the dark shall come to the light. I pray for him.”

A.J. Jones

“I think the impact of Tiger Woods should be looked at among African American men to try and be as positive as they can, and be an example to our young African American youth. Athletes like Tiger and Michael Jordan have been blessed with great gifts and so many young African American boys look up to them. I think that his wife should stay in the relationship because she should understand that he made a mistake. Should he have come forward sooner? Maybe not. He should let the chips fall where they are.”

Juliette Hurtz

“Tiger Woods’ private life is his private life and it should remain his private life. I think there are too many other important issues that Americans should be concerned about. For one thing: the president has just ordered over 30,000 troops to go into Afghanistan. I really think that we need to be putting our thoughts in other places and not on Tiger Woods at this time.”

Fannie Orange

“Of course. That is going to have a big impact on his imagine. But as we all know, as soon as someone else’s private life is attacked they will forget about Tiger. As far as him coming forth – he still hasn’t come forth. In God’s eye he needs to come forth and repent.”

Finis Collier

“I don’t think Tiger Woods’ imagine was tarnished in my eyes, but I do think he should have come clean sooner and said just what it is. I also think he does deserve some privacy with his family.”

Ollie Turner

“The impact and the revelation on Tiger Woods’ private life, I think, would be nil in our community. And based on the way that people live in these times the whole issue of adultery is really not a big issue right now, because there are different lifestyles everybody is doing nowadays. I think he should not have come sooner because, number one, people say anything goes. The only problem: there was a big fight, a big commotion. My own view is that he should not have done that and he should have stayed faithful to his wife.”