Greater St. John Bible Church, 1256 N. Waller

James Brewer

“Nothing special; just being alive. And I hope I can help some people, and that 2010 will have less violence, especially for our young people.”

Terrance Galvin

“I’m looking forward to every kid – by the grace of God – getting what they want for Christmas, along with my family as well. I hope that the ministers coming together will have an impact on what is going on because it has been going on for so long. Hopefully, with my pastor (Rev. Acree) and the other 19 churches, the message will get out, and we can help solve the problem of teen violence.”

Chrystal Reid

“I want our youth to be safe and happy for this Christmas season.”

Steve Williams

“Really, to maintain my health and strength, and a job. We really need to do something with our kids because things are out of control. Give me a job working with the kids – I would like this. I have four boys of my own; they are 15, 12, 9, and 7 years old. They are all in that age group where I have to pick them up from school, because some of the kids are constantly fighting at one of my son’s school. Every day there is a conflict with a school in the Lawndale area. These feuds make no sense. I pray for my sons everyday that they are not caught up in this violence.”

Levell Garrett

“I’m looking forward to stopping the violence. Christmas season tends to see crime go up; theft goes up. I’m just looking for youth in our neighborhoods to know the real reason for Christmas – Jesus is the reason for the season. Christ is what it’s all about. And, I’m looking for these kids to enjoy Christmas for its meaning and not mourn another youth that got killed. When I was growing up Christmas was the time of the year when I was really happy. We were out of school, going to church, being with family – that is what it was all about. Right now, teens get out of school and they find other stuff to get into – that is where all the violence comes from.”

Reneil Lee

“What I’m looking forward to for this Christmas season is joy and love within my family and throughout the whole nation. Looking forward to spending the time with family, showing love and support for each other. I think the minister addressing the problem of violence with our youth is very timely. Our youth are in a rough spot right now. I’m 31 years old, so I notice a change when I was younger. So this is a blessing that they are doing this for our youth to make a better life for them.”