We must control our economic future

I recently returned from a trip to Greece. The trip included others from Chicago and St. Louis and was arranged by Rev. Clyde Brooks. The historic trip was a mission tracing the steps of the Apostle Paul.

The group visited a number of places where Apostle Paul was beaten and jailed. The most educational part of the trip was a B.C. museum; everything in it was before Jesus was born.

While on the trip I told everyone I came in contact with about the goals and achievements of the United American Progress Association and what we are doing to get blacks to solve our economic problems. Among the trip members were Hyde Park resident Joan M. Pilot, a former school teacher, and her daughter Donna A. Pilot. Bishop Anthony Taylor wants help in starting a United American Progress Association Chapter in St. Louis, where he is a presiding Bishop.

Our organization has decided not only to help Rev. Taylor to start a chapter in St. Louis, but to start some chapters in a number of other places in order to help create jobs for some of the many unemployed blacks in America.

The United States Department of Labor says that a billion dollars spent can create on the average of 50,000 jobs a year. The UAPA is trying to get everybody we can to “buy black” to help get blacks off the economic bottom.

Webb Evans
President, United American
Progress Association

Park National demise an outrage

What happened to Park National is horrible and should not have been allowed [Feds told they got it wrong, Jan. 28].

My grandparents banked there. My child’s account was opened there. It was a wonderful place to bank; a very different feel about it each time I’d go there. I pray it can be reversed.

I’m also a witness to the community work the Oak Park branch did, and I’m in Woodlawn.

Cassandra White
Submitted at Austinweeklynews.com

Thanks for your help

Thanks to all of you who are there on behalf of Bethel New Life, the Garfield and Austin communities, and greater West Side Chicago [West Side goes to Washington, Jan 28]. Your presence, words and dedication to this issue will make a difference to the people we serve.

Valora Starr
Submitted at Austinweeklynews.com