Brandon Banks

“I think it is childish and should not be done because it can follow you for the rest of your life. And, for instance, one day you might be interviewing for a job and after a background check they will find out. I also believe it shows no self-respect for yourself or for another person. If I saw someone being beat up I would help them. I would have to think before I did and try to find out what happened and maybe try to reason with them.”

Crystal Phillips

“That is just inappropriate and it’s something I would not do. My life would be ruined, and I would think about it everyday. And I would get to be 30-years-old and this would pop up and my head would be messed up. That is something my grandchildren and children would see. As for seeing someone being beaten, first I would call the police and then try to stop it. I was raised to help, just like I see my mother doing.”

Terrell Jackson

“Well, to me, I think young men, older men, young ladies, older women: if they do something like that they don’t conduct themselves as their age. Also, me or any other person shouldn’t do sexting because it can get spread around the world, and it can get in newspapers or whatever. To me, like if my sister or someone does that, I would get angry with them and try to delete it, even though the phone company still can see what is in your phone. If I see someone getting abused I would pray to God first and ask that the person does not get hurt or killed. Secondly, I think if they are getting beat up real bad – since I’m a Christian – I would try to go help him or her. “

Jonte Wynn

“Nowadays, even if you delete the stuff out your phone they can still track it. Like at my school, I see a lot. There is this boy; he was going with this girl and she sent her nude pictures to this other boy’s phone and it caused a lot of trouble. And she had no clothes on and the boy was going around the school showing everybody. Then the principal found out; suspended the boy and the girl. And now the other boy and the girl are no longer together. If I see a female being beaten I know I will help because I don’t like seeing boys hitting females. So I know I would help.”

Deonte Baker

“I believe sexting is immature and I believe that sometimes it deals with insecurities with the person who may send these texts. But sometimes it deals with peer pressure. I think that, in most situations, some people might be insecure about themselves. And the person who is receiving the sex texting; they also can pressure this person to send it to them because they think it is OK. About someone being beaten: My first reaction would be to help them. I would think about it because the young boy who was beaten (Derrion Albert) – that situation was very out of control and no one helped him. I would at least help someone without violence, because violence leads to more violence.”

Da’Shay Appling

“Well, I feel that if someone is doing this to me it seems illegal. If you’re doing it – you never know what will happen to the text messages, and then they can lie to you and say they erased it or say they sent it to somebody. This is not right. Like on the news, a young man’s girlfriend broke up with him and so he sent her nude photos out to people. That is why I feel nobody should do this. As for seeing someone being beaten I would try to get them some help; call the police, try to get neighbors to get him or her out of the situation. I feel that nobody should be jumped on.”