Shahid Buttar

“It really seems to me that a lot of people in our country don’t necessarily understand what is at stake. I think it is a real ripe opportunity to educate each other in our respective communities on how we can all stand together to meet our needs.”

Chuck Snowden

“Well, I think it is a case of the have-nots getting something from the haves – and the haves don’t like it. But I think, even more, it evokes some of the battles that we thought were fought and over with in the ’60s. The same racial, ethnic and geographic battles have come to the surface, just as a result of this plan. And I think it is an outrage concerning Art Turner. He’s established himself, and proven himself over and over again, that he is more than competent and capable. He should be the number one choice.”

Brenetta Howell Barrett

“There was a lot of animosity towards the president and mainly the Democratic Congress. Unfortunately, I don’t think the White House and the proponents of health care reform did the best possible job in explaining what was involved. I was appalled by the ignorance of the people who came out against health care reform. It seems that so many of them didn’t even know that Medicare is a government-run program. And I was really disappointed to learn that Gov. Pat Quinn decided to ignore the fact that not only has state Rep. Arthur Turner waged a very incredible campaign for the lieutenant governor, but that he is someone with decades of experience.”

Robert Anderson

“I do believe there is an issue in people’s minds about the health care situation, but that issue really is between them being not of the Democratic persuasion. The overriding issue with them is a power-grab. And some people are having problems with this because of race, and unfortunately you got some black folks that are also doing whatever they can to unseat President Obama. With Turner, I understand what is going on, but I don’t necessarily agree with it.”

Patricia Hill

“I think there was a lot of animosity because people felt betrayed in the sense that they were holding President Obama strictly to his campaign promise. He ran on the platform that there would not just be reform in health, but there would be a public option and some other things. That was not there so people are very upset about that. And as far as Gov. Quinn selecting former Sen. Simon’s daughter as his running mate, it’s a total breach in confidence and that is a double-cross. But this is not unusual, because they do change the rules because they are in charge of the game.”

Timuel Black

“As for the second question: her father (Paul Simon), who I knew very well from the time when he first start running – because of his style and record, he was supported. But that has nothing to do with her qualifications. But I do know who Art Turner’s is. The fact that he came in second gives him preference over anyone else. In terms of health care, more whites will benefit than blacks. But because it was introduced by a man who happens to be a man of color – and who is not necessarily racially-oriented but is African American – therefore he is tainted. So, race does still count in this country.”

Martin Luther King Jr.:
“A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.”