A Photo Journal
This past Sunday, April 4 marked the 42nd year since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At the time of his death Dr. King was working on a Poor Peoples Campaign to take place in Washington, D.C. He was focusing on ending poverty and opposing the Vietnam War. In May 1968, demonstrators set up a shanty town known as Resurrection City, in Washington, D.C. But the economic bill of rights he wanted was never passed.

After the assassination of Dr. King, James Earl Ray was arrested on June 10, 1968 in London. He entered a plea of guilty in 1969 and was sentenced to 99 years. He later withdrew his plea and died in prison at age 70 on April 23, 1998.

Here’s a short photo journey of pictures I took during the time.

1. A photo of myself standing under the balcony where Dr. King was assassinated. It was taken just two months after his death. The sadness and pain are very much present.

2. In this photo is Mrs. Coretta Scott King, A.D. King (Dr. King’s brother) and Mrs. Christine Farris, Dr. King’s sister. The event was The Poor Peoples March that took place as a follow up to what he was working on. SCLC and his family wanted to complete his work on this march which took place in Washington, D.C. Still in mourning, Mrs. King and his sister were still wearing black dresses.

3. This photo is what the Lorraine Hotel driveway looked like at the time. The man in the suit was Solomon Jones who was Dr. King’s driver. Also, the window from where the gun shots allegedly came can be seen and was left half open so people could recognize it at the time.

4. This photo shows Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., during his ordination party. A very jubilant Robert Culp is talking with him. Robert Culp went on to star with Bill Cosby in the TV series I Spy. He passed away March 24 at the age of 79.