Thomas Exson

“I think often we try to come up with very quick solutions to social problems and a quick solution never resolves anything. The problem we are having is with our families and in our community, and with our society and country as a whole and that problem has to be dealt with at the root of the cause, which is the family. We just need to have more social programs to help families; we also need more parenting programs.”

Greg Fuller

“I feel personally it would not be in the best interest for the community because this would set a trend and chances that it would spread all around the country and this is not good. I feel that the community, the church-based faith community needs to get more involved in this situation and help eradicate some of the violence that has been perpetrated throughout the community.”

Joseph Moore

“As a young youth minister I am totally against the proposal to bring in the National Guard because the simple fact these streets are still Godfs streets and God is still in control. You can send in the National Guard, you can send in the military and all the arm forces, but Godfs will is still going to be done. No National Guard is going to stop this violence. The men of the world, and the men of the church we have to stand up. We have to stop growing up to be boys, and we have to start growing up to be men. We have to take back our streets; we have to take back our communities.”

Mona Warren-Thompson

“Well, Ifm totally against it. I think what they should do to get to the problem is to have more prayer in the neighborhood and in our houses. We need men to step up and talk to their kids about all this violence and it is all over the United States. Once we pray and put God first everything else will work out. The best National Guard is with our parents.”

Clifton Stewart

“The National Guard I donft think belongs here in this city. You got a Chicago Police Department, which is a good department. So you got the National Guard in Afghanistan and Iraq and you donft have enough. You cannot patrol every block in the city of Chicago and the military is trained differently. That is not the answer.”

Norman Stewart

I donft think the National Guard will be a good representation in the city for the simple reason that they are trained different then the Chicago Police Dept. They might be hesitant as to when they should use their weapons or they could be putting themselves in jeopardy if they donft use their weapons. Then there would be all kinds of investigations, whereas the Chicago Police Dept., they got the authority to use their weapons without having to worry about any consequences. And you can put innocent people in jeopardy.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. “