Melvin Barlow

“I believe the first order of business of the new mayor should be getting our communities in order, such as the black-on-black crime which we have upon ourselves right now. I think he should focus on that. Everybody says education, but in order to get an education, we must first focus on our individual selves.”

Dante Blackledge

“I would say job creativity; coming up with some job programs, networking with corporations and other businesses to create opportunities for people to get some training and, you know, assume some of these positions. I’m not looking in the black folks per se realm; I’m looking at it as the entire city. Every neighborhood needs job creativity. Of course, we know blacks have historically been in the back roles in that type of thing, but, hopefully, this mayor, or from what I’ve heard, may overcome all that and make it a level playing field.”

Bianca Clemons

“Education should be the first priority for the new mayor. I think he needs to get better reading programs in order. I feel that he needs to replace No Child Left Behind with something more structured; more involvement with the kids; possibly making the parents more responsible for their children’s actions, and better pay for teachers.”

Gregory Davis

“He should start working on these potholes as soon as possible, because there are a lot of people tearing up their cars. They are not fixing them quick enough, and they are not paying the people for the damage to their cars. Sometimes I hear it’s like a year that you have to wait, and I mean that’s a long time. And also, develop a program for the teenagers coming out of school for summer to keep the youth out of the streets.”

Dante Morris

“I would say jobs, unemployment, and the violence in the schools; after school programs and job training.”

Shanae Boens

“The streets! The potholes on the streets [are] wrecking all the cars. All the streets on the West Side. That’s what I think it should be.”

Steve Williams

“The mayor’s first order should be jobs. We need more jobs out here. Too many people are unemployed. Well, we got large people in office. The reason I say large people is because they think they are pretty much large people, but they are being overpaid. So some of that should be decreased, and give some of it to those who need it.”

Joe Woods

“Should stop hurting our dignity. This rent out here is hurting us bad. It’s making these kids sleep in the streets. And that’s the main thing we need; we don’t need anything else, just get this rent down.

Alonzo Shields

“I think jobs should be the first priority in the 28th Ward. You know, it’s more black men around here out of work who need help, and it should start from grass roots, such as the community. I believe the mayor should open up opportunities such as training centers, schooling, internships-anything that can lead to jobs, education. Sometimes I walk through my community, and I see people of other races working in our communities, and the people in the community should have the first choice of jobs like those. The people in the community should be the first people served.”