Your professional image is solid gold for career advancement. A recent study proposed that women and men are more successful in their career and life if they look better, but didn’t we already know this? Isn’t this common knowledge? Of course, however, many people don’t make the effort to tweak their image and solidify their brand in their industry to be more successful. Monitoring MeTV instead of reality TV is a good place to start on boosting career success and longevity. The appropriate look and content that conveys your brand propels your money-making machine to new heights.

Image is everything. That means from the top of your head to the tips of your toes you should be the person you want to be. We all have heard the phrase “fake it til you make it.” It doesn’t mean go out buying shoes and purses you can’t afford and living in a mountain of debt. It means you should dress the part until you get the starring role. That means if you covet a management position it can’t be just about your skill. Many people have the same or similar skills. That’s what got them hired. What differentiates a person from everyone else is there image. So the polished hair and the detailed suit with clean shoes are the ultimate homage to doing your job and loving it. You are good at the job and that is a given. But you love what you do because you convey the image at first glance that you are happy to get up, come in, do the job, and represent the company you work for in a big way. If the difference between you and the girl at the next desk is image then keep your professional look on point seven days a week and even 24/7 on social media because you never know who may be watching.

The You Brand is the best brand out there. Are you promoting it? What’s your platform? Mine is leadership plus advice equals direction and purpose. Your motto is your quick pitch that says everything about you as a person. It states who you are or aspire to be and what you can give to the company. Your one-liner is like good late night TV, on point and memorable. Branding is more than useful for marketing strategists. In order to sell yourself and gain fans, you should focus on crafting what people know about you. If you work with people on a regular basis do they know what your hobbies are, your business, your interests, and where you are going in life? If the people around you can’t answer these questions you have not been marketing yourself well. You need to toss the old marketing materials and recreate yourself to convey an image and brand that stands for you – your MeTV. People are watching.

Your image shows people who you are immediately on first contact. Your look, dress, and style are all markers used to determine your monetary value, your worth to any company. Your skills, your interests, your education, and your hobbies are a package that makes up you. When working you are conveying that brand whether it is the ethical, hardworking mother or the stand-up, ambitious entry-level male. That image puts you in a box that management uses to categorize those who possess qualities they are seeking for promotion or not. Distinguishing yourself from others requires the right look and the right message. Master your image and branding.

Angelic Jones is a freelance writer for Austin Weekly News.


Angelic Jones

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