Paige Henning

“My biggest problem with my parents is my freedom. I feel once I turned a certain age, I should be able to do the things I couldnft do when I was younger. I just turned 17. When I was 16, I thought I should have been able to date and have a later curfew, do all that. Because my grades are good, I feel I should have more freedom than everybody else. My mother always tells me that my brothers get more freedom because they are boys, and Ifm a girl, and shefs more protective over me. My curfew is 10:30 on school days and on weekends itfs 12 ofclock. I was thinking on school days it could stay the same, but once I turned 17, Ifm able to get into some clubs. I was thinking 2 ofclock should do the trick if Ifm out in a car. Itfs not like Ifm on the bus. Ifm out with my cousins. She say, be in by 12:30, but I come in about 1 ofclock.”

Richard Moore

“My parents are at a day when you really canft tell them things because they lived at one point. Say like if you have problems with gangs and stuff, and they lived during the f60s and f70s, and they really didnft have so many gangs, so they donft understand the problems. Like now you have about 50 million gangs out here, so itfs like a lot of conflict about getting home safe. They be like, eWhy you donft want to go to school today?f Well, I donft feel safe going to school today. It be like go to school and donft feel safe or stay at home and feel safe.”

Dominique Williams

“We donft see eye to eye on curfew and what time to come in the house because they want to treat me like a baby. Ifm 16 and they tell me to come in at like 11, and I want to stay out to 12:30-ish. They say, eOh, youfre not grown. Why you want to come in so late? I pay the rent and I tell you when to come in.f Itfs just a big argument and itfs always a disagreement. Sometimes I come in on time because I donft want to have to argue no more.”

Patrick Mables

“The biggest problem is doing my chores right when she wants me to do them. She wants me to stop whatever Ifm doing and do them right then. If Ifm writing, stop writing. Ifm reading a book, stop reading. If Ifm playing a game, she wants me to pause it. I want to do my chores later, when Ifm able to do them. I think it should be done by the end of the day. I have never tried to talk to her about this because she thinks what she says goes.”

Jasmine Welch

“The biggest problem between me and my parents is me being able to drive their car. They think Ifll wreck the car. I have a license, and I have never had an accident. Ifm a good driver, but they say, eNo, you canft use my car.f They let me drive it to run errands for them. Another problem is they donft understand why I like to shop and why I like being in the stores so long or going out with my friends so late.”

Marcus Wells

“Curfew would be the biggest problem with my parents. I want to stay out longer with my friends, and I know there are some unsafe places, and where Ifm going they are pretty safe. Ifm 18. They want me to come in at a decent hour, around 10 ofclock, and I think I should be able to stay out longer, until about 11 ofclock or 11:30. We donft fight about it. Whatever she says, it goes. I have my disagreement, but I respect her. I try to talk about it and put some pros and cons to it, but she always wins.”

Jamika Gray

“The biggest disagreement or problem between me and my parents is whatfs best for me. They want me to stay in a box and they want whatfs safe for me, but I want to go out there and explore things and learn for myself. They just tell me things, want me to learn from their experiences and donft want to let me make the mistakes on my own. I am a person like they are, so I should have a chance to make the mistakes and learn for myself and not just go by what they tell me.”