Amanda Holman

“I will be missing just my family in general. Both my grandfathers served in the war, but I never met them because they died before I was born. I’m not a huge fan of armed interventions in general, but I appreciate those who do have to go and do that. “

Chuck Fowler

 “I’ll be remembering when Mike and Scottie and the Bulls used to reek havoc during the playoffs every year, you know what I mean? And when the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose, they got Derrick Rose on Memorial Day, so that’s what I’ll be remembering.”

Leamon Allen

“I’ll be remembering my father because he was the closest thing to me besides my mother. He’s been gone about two years. He was always there for me. He was a person I could talk to and confide in. Whenever I needed consultation, he would be there for me, and that’s why I miss him.”

Mark vaughN

“I will be remembering my father, my friends, and my companions.  People I work with, especially those who have passed. It’s always good to remember my ancestors right now and celebrate the things that they did while they were living.  Especially, remembering people who have come and gone, but they did good work to improve the conditions of their families and their communities and people in their race.”

Akiza Boddie-Willis

“I’m going to keep it positive. I am going to remember the people that may not still be a part of my life, but had a positive impact on my life. I’ve had friends and relatives that have passed on that helped me to become the woman I am today. I had a best friend from high school who passed years ago. Her name was Oyin Wordlaw. Actually, she has been part of my inspiration as I founded and facilitate a nonprofit organization, Organizing Youth Impacting Neighborhoods (OYIN), which does mentoring for young people.”

Dontell Johnson

“I will be remembering all the people who are deceased in my family, friends and everyone who died doing something. The people that are fighting the wars and other innocent people; just honoring them and wishing they were still here with us.”

Ricky Brown

“I want to remember the young African-American soldiers that have been going over to Iran and Iraq. My real thing is that: we need to begin to go out to the airport and support the young men and women to let them know-just like how the whites go out there to celebrate them coming home. “