Nicole Garner

‘I like the people. The people and the food. The people are nice and friendly, and the food is good.”

Sharon L. Howard

‘I like that they are cleaning the streets better. We all do team work and help each other, and I like that. Uncle Remus and the Currency Exchange had this lot fixed because it had been like that for about a hundred years. I see the police are coming around more often, so thatfs good. We need to help each other more about the schools. ‘

Tamara Jackson

‘Itfs great living in Austin because of its parks, and its schools, and I have lots of friends.”

Dabria Jackson

‘I like that we live by a fire station, so when there is any trouble, they are there. I like that we have many opportunities to get an education. I like that they are building more stores so that people can shop and work. I guess we need more community centers, so other than that, itfs a nice place to live.”

Mona Nelson

‘The neighborhood is constantly coming up. The bus service is horrible, but the restaurants are good. The food is good. I like the way they are fixing up the neighborhood. “

Dewitt Harper

‘Austin is a very nice neighborhood providing that we have all our things for the kids in neighborhood. Then too, there are a few things we need over here as far as preventing the gang activities. Everything else makes it a pretty nice place to live.”

James Stewart

‘Itfs live. Itfs lively. Well, itfs a lot of people. You go on the Southside and its dead over there. (In Austin) itfs like the sunshine. Everybody is out doing things. Walking and talking and having a good time.”

Pamela Page

‘I donft like Chicago at all. Ifm from Charleston, North Carolina and Ifve been here since August, and Ifd like to go back, but I canft. I just found a new job. Austin is a lot different from North Carolina. (In North Carolina) there is less crime for one. You donft hear sirens everyday.”