Someone recently told me that I was angry. As I reflected on what he was saying, I had to acknowledge that he was right. I know I am not alone. Are you an “angry” American too?  In mentally going over all the things that make me angry, I have to admit that my anger has varying levels. They range from “minor disappointment” (1) to “full blown outrage” (10), based on things that I see happening in this country/city. 

I dread reading the news lately. Every day now brings news about a shooting. I used to think that the black community’s outrage would show once the shootings involved non-gang members. Then I believed outrage would come when little children started getting shot. Later, I hoped that there would be massive fallout once black women started getting shot. Alas, it no longer matters who is getting shot because the black community has grown tolerant to bad behavior. My anger level is 10.

Not only do the shootings have me sending puffs of angry smoke out of my head at the thought, those who know the killers and don’t “drop a dime” on them have me even angrier and perplexed. What happened to the time when being known as a “killer” or “murderer” was an insult? When did it become fashionable to claim those titles and be proud of it? My anger level is 10+.

I am very disappointed that far too many black children are not taking advantage of the educational opportunities that are available to them. Education is the one thing that no one can take from you. Yet, it is also the one thing our young people aren’t fully embracing. Our children no longer are competing against one another. They’re going to have to face the entire world as those children strive for knowledge while many of ours don’t even have a clue. My anger level is 8.

Black music has always been at the forefront of popular music. So I don’t know when or why the music aimed at our young people became an extension of the pornography business. The absolute hatred and lack of self respect, along with the subliminal and overt messages in the songs our children listen to, can only add to the mayhem and chaos going on in our community. My anger level is 7.5.

Who isn’t sick of the politics going on? Instead of those in Washington D.C. doing their jobs, those elected to represent us spend more time posturing than representing. I am also tired of politicians who blame everything on the members of the other party and yet fail to mention that when they were in control, nothing got done either. My anger level is 9.

Modern technology has done wonders for the media. Yet, the same newspapers that fight for their first amendment right to freedom of speech are also the first to end, or not allow, comment on certain “touchy” newspaper stories. My anger is 6.

When I drive down the street and see that even gas stations have joined in selling our young folks “White T’s,” it is a sad commentary on the state of young black males’ mindsets. My anger level is 3.

I also notice that no matter where in the city someone is killed, the people always manage to find balloons and stuffed animals to leave as part of the memorial tribute.   How can we have “food deserts” but don’t have balloon deserts too? My anger level is 2.3.

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