Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

How are you keeping cool, and what do you do to stay fit during this heat wave?

Columbus Park Large Gym – 500 S. Central

Leon Harrison

“In this heat, I’m laying under the air-conditioning most of the time. I come out to the gym to try and stay in shape. I play basketball and I walk my dog. I drink a lot of water.”

James Barton

“Well, I walk about three days a week, plus I come up here one day a week. What I do to stay cool? I drink plenty of fluid. I take my time, sit down and relax when I need to. When I get too hot, I just sit back and relax and wait until I cool off, then I start moving again. I drink plenty of fluids, water and Gatorade, whatever it takes. That’s what I do. I have air-conditioning. I do use it, but I don’t stay up under it. I have to get out sometimes and do other things.”

Wade Simmons

“Heat doesn’t really bother me. I was born in August, and in the heat, I just keep going. That’s why I’m up here in the gym now trying to stay in shape. I come up here to a gym two or three times a week. A few of us seniors get together and we work out, play basketball, do a little running around in the gym, try to keep in shape, and try to keep young. We always drink a lot of water.”

Arthur Jordan

“Actually, I have never been in shape, but I can hang. I participate in sports, basketball mostly. I work out in this gym on Tuesdays. As far as staying cool, if you stay in fairly good condition, it really doesn’t bother you like that. I drink a lot of water. Sometimes I drink too much water. I really don’t like air (conditioning) too much.”

Archie Harris

“Well, I stay inside under the air-conditioning as much as possible. To stay in shape, I come down with my friends on Tuesdays and work out, and do a little walking in the neighborhood. The group is just more ex-CTA and policemen who get together. I’ve known these guys for 40 years or more. So, we started out in our 20s and now, we’re in our 60s and 70s.”

Alfred Baker

“Well, I stay home, and I take a shower. I take more than one shower a day. I have a fan at home that I use. To stay in shape, I’m a dancer, so I exercise every day. I go to dance classes, and I teach classes every day. “