Along with seeking public input on decriminalizing petty marijuana possession, state Rep. LaShawn Ford will hold a town hall this month focusing on another controversial crime issue – citizens carrying concealed firearms.

Legislation pending in the Illinois House sponsored mostly by Republicans and a handful of Democrats would allow adults age 21 and older to carry concealed firearms via an issued permit. More than 40 House members have signed on as sponsors.

Introduced in early January, House Bill 0148 has been in the legislature’s rules committee since late May.

Ford, who is not a sponsor of the bill, said he hasn’t yet made up his mind on whether or not to support the bill. To help in his decision, he is hosting a town hall Aug. 31 in Austin. The representative acknowledged that gun violence is a huge problem in Chicago. But Ford maintained that he wants to follow the wishes of the community.

“If this is something the people of the 8th District feel they need me to represent, either as an opponent or a proponent, then that’s my job.

  • Conceal and Carry Town Hall
  • Wednesday, Aug. 31
  • 4630 W. Augusta
  • For more info: 773-378-5902