West Side aldermen are hosting a public forum, Thursday, Oct. 13, at an Austin church to discuss the string of robberies and sexual assaults that have recently taken place in the community.

Aldermen Emma Mitts (34th), Jason Ervin (28th), Deborah Graham (29th), Walter Burnett (27th), and Bob Fioretti (2nd) are expected to attend. The event is co-sponsored by various other community leaders and elected officials. The focus, according to a press release from the aldermen, is to “alert female residents to the danger of a wanted predator for robbery and criminal sexual assault.

“The meeting will focus on the habits of the predator and how residents can protect themselves and police efforts to protect residents,” the press release states.

The forum takes place at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 13, at Pleasant Ridge M.B. Church, 116 S. Central Ave. near Adams Street.

-Terry Dean