Willie Allen

“I’d be protesting for a lower cost of living-better and more jobs because it’s real hard to get a job. And then when you do get one, the cost of living is so high and they pay you so low that you’re really living paycheck to paycheck and that’s really making it hard for everybody.”

Zack Yang

“My opinion of the protesting is there are a lot of different ideas that’s going on out here that people are not following through with. You got a lot of things that Obama is saying he is going to do which hasn’t been accomplished yet. You got a lot of things the mayor is talking about doing that I think is unnecessary. The governor is doing a little bit too much. It’s not benefiting any of the black folks in Chicago. What I would protest is for them to stop doing unnecessary things and to do the right positive things. 

Cory Vance

“I would be protesting the way the police treat the black people in the community, you know, police brutality; the way they stop the young black men in the neighborhood for no probably cause, and not doing their job right. They are supposed to be doing a traffic stop professionally. If they are not seeing a bulge in your pockets, or they are not in immediate danger, they are not supposed to go in your pockets and under your clothes. But instead the police have you almost naked out there.”

Dandria Johnson

“I personally would be protesting for better pay and better work ethics because there are a lot of people that’s working in the hospitals or working in retail, and the pay does not meet the cost of living. So, we’re getting paid around $8.50 or so, and it’s not enough to even pay our own bills. How can you be expected to pay your bills and live when your pay is so low? So, I’d be protesting low pay.”


“I’d have to protest all of it because there isn’t one thing that’s worse than the others. It’s all bad. I’d  be protesting everything-the war, the police not really doing their jobs, or taking it too seriously by beating up people they deem to be suspicious; the economy, the government, all nine yards, all of it. Crooked politicians, pedophiles, rapists, and the sick condition of the world-I’d just be protesting everything.”