Edward Dade

“No, I didn’t go out shopping on Black Friday. I just stayed in and watched television. I didn’t really have any money, and I don’t like crowds. I will probably do all of my shopping on one day, but it will be closer to Christmas Day.”

Coriyonah Shorter

“I did not shop on Black Friday. I stayed home, ate and slept all day.”

Marteaziah Murrell

“My mother did. She bought me some diamond earrings and some clothes and a new pea coat she got from Kohl’s.”

Kamille Brashear

“No I didn’t go out on Black Friday. What’s the point? The sales will still be around until the holidays are over so there isn’t a point to shopping on one day for low prices. And I call it Pink Friday. It just sounds cuter. Nicki Minaj taught me that.

Bianca Smith

“I went out but I didn’t see much worth buying. I went to Victoria’s Secret and they had a bag with cosmetics in it but you had to spend $65. I didn’t want all that, so I just bought a few things. I plan to shop all season.”

Steve Williams

“Yes, I went shopping on Black Friday with my family. We started at 3 a.m. and we didn’t stop until about midnight. We went all over. We were all in different cars, and we would go off and buy our stuff secretly. We only stopped to eat and then went back to shopping. I bought a laptop for my mom. Before the holidays are over, I will probably hit Best Buy a few more times.”