A lawyer for one of three men allegedly involved in the July 2011 shooting death of Austin resident Chervon Alexander objected to a request by prosecutors to consume DNA evidence taken from the gun reportedly used in the killing. The DNA evidence is still being tested, prosecutors said.

With respect to DNA taken from crime scenes, those samples can sometimes be used up, or consumed, during the testing process. During a Jan. 4 status hearing last week at Maybrook Courthouse, the attorney representing alleged shooter Cardell Taylor objected to the consumption request by prosecutors.

Defense attorney Alfredo Maldonado questioned the methodology used in the testing, but acknowledged that he didn’t know what that methodology actually is. Maldonado is representing Taylor, 35, who was also present at the hearing. The attorney noted that DNA swabs were taken from the gun allegedly used to kill 29-year-old Alexander on July 11 in suburban River Forest. Since there’s a possibility Maldonado could conduct his own investigation using a different methodology, he said he didn’t want all of the DNA used up by prosecutors.

At the hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Maureen O’Brien said she could provide notes about the methodology to the defense, though they’d be incomplete because of the ongoing testing. Maldonado and O’Brien discussed the testing in front of Judge Noreen Love.

Also present at the hearing was suspect and alleged mastermind of the killing, Devin Bickham Sr., 39, Alexander’s boyfriend-both men wore yellow prison outfits but did not speak. Bickham’s son, Devin Bickham Jr., 20, appeared separately.

All three men are facing first-degree murder charges for Alexander’s death. Bickham Sr. allegedly drove her to a parking lot near Priory Park in River Forest on the night of July 11. Taylor then approached the vehicle and opened fire through the passenger side window, where Alexander was sitting. Bickham Jr. allegedly drove the getaway car.

They are due back in court Feb. 14.

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