Loretta A. Ragsdell ask:

Eddie Johnson

‘Itfs all right. It wonft last. Itfs just one more day of it, yeah. Wefre going to have a blizzard, another cold winter storm, but Ifm enjoying the warm weather now.”

John Williams

‘I just give thanks and praises to God for the weather because itfs all in his hands how the weather goes and how the situations are in life. So I just thank God for it. Ifm enjoying it because I could be in snow up to my knees, but thank God Ifm not. Itfs all in his hands.”

Danny Jackson

‘I think itfs beautiful. Itfs unusual, but itfs beautiful. Usually in January, Ifm driving a snow truck. I love this weather.”@

Larry Rieves

‘I think itfs beautiful. Itfs wonderful you know, but being in Chicago, itfs nothing to be excited about because itfs going to change. In a minute it will be snowing. Ifve been around a long time, so it doesnft bother me. Ifm loving it. I could be shoveling snow tomorrow, or tonight.”

Pastor Orr

‘Bible prediction: The Bible predicted in the last days we wouldnft know season from season. I believe we are in preparation for the last days. Ifve preached about this at my church, New Rock of Ages.”

Mashay Miller

‘Itfs pneumonia weather because the weather be tricking people and stuff. You donft wear the right clothes and you get sick and stuff. Ifm enjoying it.”