Don’t be afraid – fight back

What a powerful column [Let’s take back our own, James Deanes, Nov 24]. On Christmas Day my wife and I had to wait until several drug transactions were completed before we were able to walk to our vehicle. With a military background, I have zero tolerance for disrespectful youth. People on the West Side are afraid to come outside of their own homes. There is a thick feeling of danger and death in the air. Unfortunately, I punked out after my wife pleaded with me to sell and move to Lake County. When I am in the area I call the police at the drop of a hat. I talk to teenagers and advise them to run from even the influence of trouble. I want to do more. The fear of God and respect for adults/parents must be downloaded into the minds of our youth. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Anthony D. Bellamy

More support for early education

This is a great article [West Side politicians meet with Lt. Gov. Simon, Dec. 15]. I agree with the perspectives shared on education. I would add that there needs to be alignment between the elementary school curriculum and what is required of high school freshmen. Parents should also work with their children to get them ready for pre-school and kindergarten. As much as has been done to promote early childhood education, we need more.

Valerie F. Leonard

Facts don’t add up

I looked up the facts of this case and they just do not add up [McCoy: Police frame-up nets wrong cops, Dec. 29]. This was an investigation conducted by the FBI and supervised by the United States Attorney’s Office…There was numerous taped robberies by those convicted and McCoy’s name was never mentioned in any media report. Another so-called conspiracy case that does not match the facts, and nothing new is offered.

Joe Jank

The ‘Year’for every child

Arlene, wonderful column [Let’s make 2012 the ‘Year of the Child!’ Arlene Jones, Dec. 29]. I can only pray that our entire country makes 2012 “The year of the child.” God bless you and Happy New Year.

Jeff “Mac” McCausland

Good business, bad businessman

I hope D and T Johnson have severed ties with this man; he is nothing but trouble [Chicago Chicken & Waffles owners sue former partner, Dec. 15]. The Johnsons have a good food place. Do not let him ruin it. God bless you

Marilyn D Qualls

Odd Chicken & Waffles deal

Though I do not think their chicken is all that great, this case sounds a little bit hard to believe. How much did Mr. Hawkins stand to gain from this business endeavor? I hope that the Austin Weekly continues to follow this story as I am interested how it will conclude.

Janice Brown

Liberation for Austin7

T.C. McCoy, I commend you brother. I hope your efforts are successful in liberating members of the “Austin Seven.”

Dwight Taylor

Inspiring story

Providence St. Mel story inspired me. I grew up in the Austin area; moving back into the surrounding area soon. I look forward to hearing about more great activities there. The honor roll students are fabulous.

Rev. Ollie Drezek

Safety and respect needed

Ouch-that hurts just to hear about [Click. Click. Click., Terry Dean, Nov 3]. To have to deal with that on a daily basis must be debilitating. And there is no way to react. If you did the driver would be more afraid; you would look like a nut. I have been in the driver’s situation many times and I have chosen to be discreet with locking the doors, or not locking the doors because of the other person’s feelings. My safety is important but so is respect for other people

Holly Klemm
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