Hey yo black man, hold your head up.

For your struggles are not yours alone.

Do you think your pain and affliction isn’t seen by all?

You have to realize you are pride, you are dignity and you define the word respect.

Your love is felt by children of many nations, and your knowledge and compassion is envied by most.

That’s why this world wasn’t willing to accept the power of your statue.

It’s in your walk, your talk, your big brown beautiful eyes.

It’s all in your athletic physique, from your height to your skin tone to the aura of your presence when you enter a room.

It’s in the things you do.

Like, keeping a watchful eye over the communities, to fighting for racial equality so we all can be treated fairly by our societies.

Silently breaking the chains of bondage from oppression, to our country looking forward to our first black man for President.

And let’s not leave out the strong men raising our children alone, or the kind gentleman that steps in on a single mother and instantly turns her house into a happy home.

What about our black business owners that have been in our neighborhoods for decades?

Unknowingly shedding a positive outlook on our next generation of young strong black men.

To get us to this point in history, every contribution great or small, it came from the black man standing firmly and united by all.

So Hey yo Black Man hold your head up so many cherish and admire you.

After all, you are Kings Amongst Men!

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