Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

John Adams

“I have a nice lady, I’m straight with her. What I need is a little more money and a nice place to lay my head. That is all I have to say.”

Lyah Summers

“A lot of money, and another one: if I had another one, would be to bring my sister back, and to have a bigger house. My sister died in October and I wish I could bring her back.”

Melvin Lewis

“First of all, if the young people would get off these streets with all these drugs and violence, because what they do is making it hard for us to move around. And number two, these taxes. I mean gasoline; it’s hard to move around for elderly people. Another is to get a lot of the black men back to work and wanting to work. God will give you what you need, but every man needs a job.”

Brandi Wilson

“Prosperity would be one of them, and mercy and grace; that is all I can say. I’m not talking about money; I just want prosperity with Jesus Christ.”

Gwendolyn Johnson

“A job, a new neighborhood, and to put a stop to all the crime on the streets.”

Darlene McDonald

“I’d like to be able to teach teenagers how to cook and prepare food for kids because they don’t know. Another thing is, I’d like to take care of older people and, three, I would like to be a house sitter.”