By now there shouldn’t be anyone in the country who hasn’t heard of the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon was the young man carrying the most dangerous weapon of Skittles and Ice Tea when he was gunned down by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The allegation that he was wearing a hoodie while walking in the gated community, thus making him a criminal and eligible to be murdered, is horrifying.

Now as the days pass and additional information is being made available, a supposition I made when I first heard about the case is coming forth. When one of my co-workers mentioned the story to me, I told her I sure hoped it wasn’t one where the young man was trying to act “hard” and ended up being the surprised recipient of a bullet.

My co-worker was shocked that I didn’t jump on the story as it was being reported. But I am one who tries to see both sides in a case like this and doesn’t jump head first into a one-sided view until all the facts are known. My opinion in cases like this is that we should seek the truth at all costs and let the chips fall where they may.

The shooter, Zimmerman, has been demonized in the media and now his side is fighting back. They are using Trayvon’s own words and background to do it. Recently Trayvon’s Twitter account was made available. Like many of our young people, he posted things out there and now those things are coming back to haunt his memory. The most damning was when Trayvon posted that he hit a bus driver. Even the photos we have seen of Trayvon are from when he was 12 and not the 17-year-old with the mouth filled with gold teeth at the time of his death.

We all know that teenagers believe they are invincible. We also know that many of our children don’t want to be seen as “punks,” so they are willing to fend for themselves as opposed to seeking help. And in making such a decision at a young age, they can and do make the wrong decision and pay the price for it. I’m amazed that neither Trayvon nor his girlfriend, with whom he was on the phone, tried to call 9-1-1 or even an adult like Trayvon’s father or the girl’s parents.

This reminds me of a case that happened last year in New York involving a high school football star Isayah Muller, who was murdered at the hands of two parking lot attendants. The parents put all the blame on the two attendants. The media soon followed suit and then the video tape of the event came forth and the attendants were exonerated as the victims and not the aggressors, as had been previously alleged.

In the case of Trayvon Martin, I do agree that Zimmerman should be arrested and put on trial. Because in the end, all that matter is the truth. What is the truth? To me that should be the rallying cry.

What is the truth?