Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Bernardo Welton

“I’d just let them know. I’d tell them. I’d say, ‘Look, Dog, you need to wash up and brush your teeth. It ain’t cool. You gonna get put under a violation.'”

Tiszara Green

“I would pull them aside in private and tell them or I’d buy them some perfume or something and say, ‘Hey girl. I think you should try this.'”

Markell Payne

“I would first sneak them a stick of gum. Then I might sneak them a bar of soap. If it’s my friend, I’d probably tell them straight up, but if it’s a co-worker, I’d probably just slip them a little something. Maybe a little Axes. You know, Winter Fresh isn’t bad. It works morning, noon and nights.”

Dominique Moore

“That’s a tough topic. You still got to somehow, spare feelings. Personally, I wouldn’t tell them. I’d probably just get a piece of paper and write it down, and under that piece of paper there’ll be some gum. Not just one piece but the whole pack. I’m not a bad person, so I’d just kindly get a piece of paper and say, ‘Hey you need some gum, and hopefully it won’t happen again.'”

Cynthia Shaw

“I would pull them to the side and say, ‘You smell really bad.’ I’d let them come to my house to take a shower. I’d give them some clean clothes to put on. I’d tell them personally. I wouldn’t embarrass them or anything like that.”

Theon Moore

“I’d tell them to make some coffee because by the time the coffee is ready, the smell be gone and I’ll be gone. You can’t really be blunt. If they make some coffee, it will make the house smell good, and I’m gone already.”