Loretta A. Ragsdell asks:

Monice Teasley

“Yeah, I’d keep it a secret because I would kinda be scared, because of all the street violence and stuff out there. I think someone might try to hurt me.”

David Hood

“No, I wouldn’t try and keep it secret because I want to share the wealth with the body of Christ; with the homeless; with those who don’t have no place to stay; those who don’t have no jobs. I’d try to help people.”

Tamia Teasley

“I’d keep it a secret, because if you tell everybody on the streets that you won the lottery, they might try and rob you. They might try and jack you for your money. If it was in the papers, I’d tell them I won it, but I wouldn’t give them none. I’d tell my family though.”

Kenneth Thompson

“I would keep it the biggest secret ever. The only way you know that I got a lot of money is because you wouldn’t see me. I would not tell anybody where I am. If they put it in the paper, I’d deny it’s me because there are a lot of Kenneth Thompsons out there. I’d buy all the people in my family a car; that’s the only way they’d know.”

Mary Ricks

“Yes, I will. I don’t want all these people coming at me asking for part of the money. If I wanted to donate the money and give some to charity, I want to do it in a private manner. If I want it known to the public then I’d say so. But if they put it in the paper and it was mandatory, and it was a must, I’m not sure how I would handle it. I might deny that it’s me, but if the Lord blesses me with this lottery money, then I’d have to give back.”

Mattie Brown

“Yes, because I wouldn’t want nobody to beg me like they normally do. I wouldn’t tell my family, and if they put me in the papers, then I’d deal with it, but until then, they wouldn’t even know. With the money, I’d take care of my kids. I would raise my grandchildren and buy my mama a house so she wouldn’t have to worry about nobody putting her out.”