Loretta A. Ragsdell ask:

Honesty Hatcher

“I think you should just get a ticket. I don’t think you should do no time for a little bag of marijuana.”

Don White

“Everybody smoke anyway, and it should be a ticket. It’s good for the community. They want money, so they can get their money that way.”

Black Italian

“I think getting jail time for a small amount of marijuana or a ticket or anything is inappropriate because the simple fact is it came from the Earth. Do we give people tickets for tomatoes? Onions? All that? No we don’t not because it comes from the ground. Marijuana, I think it should be legal. Everybody should have the responsibility to take care of them plants and treat them beautifully. When the bulbs come out and they’re glistering, oh. Lord, Bless You!”

Leah Patterson

“I think it’s a good idea. I mean its crime out here worse than marijuana, so I think it’s a good idea.”

Malcolm Brown

“Yeah, that’s cool. Why lock you up for a bag or two bags of weed? Send you through all that drama for seven, eight, nine, or ten hours and they still gonna let you go?”

Micah Hollinquest

“I don’t see nothing wrong with that because there are more things out here that they can focus on other than somebody getting caught with a bag of weed. I think a ticket is good because weed is really harmless; it’s not that big of a crime. I think that’s a good idea.”