At some point in time, either if he loses his re-election bid or finishes his second term in office, President Obama will have to leave the White House. He went to the Washington, D.C., from Chicago. But will he return back here when his time in office is up? I’m already going to predict the answer will be a loud and resounding, “No!”

Let me take you back a couple of days to Father’s Day weekend 2012, in Chicago. The entire Obama family was in town to attend a wedding. Yet, even with the president back home, Chicago’s murder and shooting rates continued unabated. Thirty-five people were wounded and seven killed. It is sad, sickening and a testament to a city and community out of control.

Now some folks would like to argue that President Obama will get Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. Wrong! Starting with former President George W. Bush, the protection now only lasts for 10 years. So if you had the opportunity to not bring your children back to a city where bullets fly like flies, would you? I think not.

A lot of the shootings are being done by very young people. They have acquired guns and have a false sense of bravado and lack the maturity to be responsible with a weapon. The majority of these young killers and shooters live in someone’s household.

When shootings happen, do the parents ever look at their child and wonder if he/she was responsible? I say that because I was home last Thursday when the sound of gun shots rang out near my house. I looked out the window and saw four black teens, all dressed in blue jeans and white t-shirts running down the street.

According to my neighbor, they weren’t the shooters. But it was around 4 p.m. and their dress told me that they weren’t a singing group in matching outfits, either. I had to wonder how many of their parents were blind to what I could profile immediately. Four teenagers trying to look like they live the thug life and all it takes is a single action for them to go from being “wannabees” to actually being thugs.

So with murders and killers running wild, I am not seeing Chicago as the place the president wants to bring his wife and daughters home to. On the other hand, I am also disappointed that the president didn’t speak up or out on the violence that is going on in so many black neighborhoods all over the country.

I am even more disgusted that I should have to think that he should speak out. He’s the first African-American president, and we have some people in our community not doing all they can to help him succeed in his presidency but rather creating havoc and chaos.

Several years back, Obama did a speech on fatherhood. I had hoped that he would do a major speech every year extolling the virtues of being a dad and being the role model for young men of color. I am disappointed that his major announcements have yet to address the issue of urban violence, especially in light of his previous speeches on race, gays and illegal immigrants.

In the meantime, until his presidency ends, each and every one of us needs to do what we can to not have his time in office marred by senseless violence any further. Parents: Talk to your children and then search their rooms for weapons. Young people: Killing someone is not a video game.

There are actual consequences that you will have to pay. Everyone: Get involved in your household followed by just your block. We can make Chicago a place the Obamas want to come home to and not a place that they avoid.

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