Loretta A. Ragsdell asks: – “In light of the bank fraud indictment against state Rep. LaShawn Ford, do you think he should resign his seat or fight to the end?”

Minister Bady

“This is the first I am hearing about LaShawn Ford. If the courts find him guilty, then he should give up his seat. I’ve seen him work in the community, and I have never seen him do anything against the community. I think he has to fight it to the end, especially if he knows he’s innocent.”

Janie Worsham

“I think he should fight. He does good things in our community. He should fight.”

Oneisha Bradley

“I think he should give his seat up, because he’s setting a bad example for the youth. Even if he is not guilty, I think he should give his seat, because he has been accused of this. When he’s proven innocent, then he can get his seat back.”

Leo Swan

“I think he should not resign, because I think they probably trumped up some charges, because he¡¦s a good young black man and he¡¦s doing good in the community. I think it’s a conspiracy to go after our black politicians like Jesse Jr. I think Ford should fight it no matter what.”

Kenneth Thompson

“I think he should fight it, because it’s a lot of conspiracy against black men around the world, not just in Chicago. I think he should fight it. If he’s guilty, then he’s guilty. If he’s not, then I think he should fight to see how far he can get with it.”

Andre Jackson

“I think he should fight, because if it’s a lie, he should defend himself and not resign. If it’s a lie and being fabricated against him he should fight. What I know about him, he is a good man and he’s done good for our community. I think he should fight for what’s right and make them prove up what they have accused him of.”

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