Rev. Aaron Dade

“He used to come to the Proviso Township Ministerial Alliance Network. I had great respect for him. He had an outgoing spirit. I admired him for his truthfulness when he spoke. It may appear offensive to many people, but what he would be saying was the truth.”

Vickie Casanova

“He was dedicated to the community, to serving the people. He worked hard for the teens and really made a difference. You could count on him to work for the good of the community.”

Sy Bounds

“Rev. Flowers and I worked together years ago on the West Side as young activists trying to make the West Side a better place. Rev. Flowers was the minister among the activists. When he decided he was going to make a difference, I seen him go into overdrive. When he decided that there needed to be something done about the violence on the West Side, he went into overdrive. You started to see him everywhere. If you went into a store, you saw him there. He really built up the Westside Ministerial Alliance, and he really made a difference.”

Theresa Rayford

“My fondest memory of Rev. Flowers is that he would come and check on me and everybody in the school system. He wanted to make sure that we were being treated fairly. Rev. Flowers and I were in the American Legion because we both had a military background. In fact, he encouraged me to join the American Legion. He was also a funny man; he had jokes. I will really miss him.”

Rev. Mike Stinson

“He was always a friend; he was always available. He was the kind of leader who saw himself as one of the go-to people for connections. So when I need to know someone, meet someone, make a connection in the city, in public policy, in the state, I could go to Rev. Flowers. If I couldn’t get him to do it, he would have the partnership to get what I needed. He was definitely someone who was always there.”