Twenty-twelve rolled out quietly, and twenty-thirteen rolled in without incidence, pomp, or circumstance!   In fact,  I almost missed that magical moment. Had I not had the foresight to set my alarm clock for 11:45 p.m., the short nap I had settled in for at 9 p.m. would have lasted well into the next day.  At any rate, I was awakened just prior to midnight by my alarm and the sound of my daughter Christina’s voice alerting me to the advent of 2013; she also inquired as to where we would gather to crack open the chilled bottle of sparkling apple cider.  Hastily, I arose and answered in a mumble,  ‘by the tree’ while dashing to the bathroom to wash the sleep from my eyes.  The countdown was upon us as I sat misty-eyed reflecting on the joy and blessings of 2012.  In spite of a few minor challenges and disappointments, 2012 was a great year.  I am so looking forward to the adventures of 2013-the year of EVERYTHING-that’s good for my family and me!

This week’s thought:

“Every idea comes completely enclosed with whatever is needed for it to manifest.  The challenge is to tune into your divinity and follow the inspirations and instructions as provided by the creator to all believers.”

Loretta A. Ragsdell