Rev. Aaron Dade


“Well, being a man of the cloth, my faith dictates that I turn it in or try and find the owner. It would make me feel good to get the phone back to its owner.”

Sy Bounds

“Well, I would try and find the owner and return it. Besides, it probably has some type of tracking device and the owner would eventually find you and it.”


Margi Dade


“I have wanted an iPhone for a long time, so my first instinct would be to keep it, but I’d try and find the owner, and if I couldn’t find them, then I’d hock it to get me some money.”


Dan Payne


“I’d definitely track down the owner and return it because that’s an expensive phone, and I am sure the person who lost it would appreciate getting it back. I have an iPhone, and I’d be lost without my phone, so I’d try to get it back to its owner.”


Matt Krupa


“Try to return it, give it back because I don’t need it. I have a phone.”

Isaiah Robinson

“I’d turn an iPhone into a lost-and-found, depending on where I found it. I’d turn it in because I don’t like iPhones. I’m an Android person. I think Android phones are better. They can do everything an iPhone can and more.”

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