Did your team win the Super Bowl; how did you like the halftime show; did you have a favorite commercial, and what did you do doing the 30 minute blackout?

Sherrie Hicks


“My team won. I didn’t have a favorite commercial. I just liked when Beyoncé danced. I wasn’t really watching it when the blackout came. I just hung in there for Beyoncé, then I was done.”


Jason Terry


“No, my team did not win. The halftime show was OK. I liked the goat and Doritos commercial. I just ate some food and got mad.

Will Randle

“Yes, my team won. I liked that it was a close game. The halftime show slowed it down, that made the difference. I just sat there and ate chicken during the blackout.”

Pierre Tolefree

“Yes, my team, Baltimore, won. I really paid attention to Beyoncé more. All the commercials were funny to me. I just loved all the commercials. During the blackout, I just got up and got me a beer.”


Mark Johnson


“Unfortunately, no my team did not win. Beyoncé was fantastic; she was great. I didn’t pay attention to the commercials. During the blackout, I was eating some pizza and drinking a cold beer.”